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Clothes a basic necessity as well as craze, a self expression a mirror to wearers persona, yes clothes are assisted by shoes and other accessories but the chief focus is always the clothes, we match accessories with clothes not clothes with other things. With passing time we are entrapped with more and more options for clothes from material to designs. Sometime when you go for shopping it becomes difficult to decide what to buy and what not. Well yes, some women are very headstrong and they know just what to look for because they are very clear in their mind whatll suit them. But still its not an easy task to choose from such a big variety. There are different sort of apparels for all diverse occasions. Even few colors and cloth stuff is also associated with some events, which thanks God help to narrow down your search.

Like for your own wedding or a wedding party youll never go for a cotton dress. You would definitely go for satin or silky cloth. Then the color for a wedding dress are also limited though now women are daring enough to try new things but still most of the women go for traditional colors and designs for this wonderful affair. In an evening function women tend to go for classier, flashy dark toned dresses along with dazzling jewelry whereas for morning parties like light colors a bit simpler designed dresses with pearl jewelry or something light. Then the clothes also change with the fashions, and age. A woman will not wear a dress in her 40s that she first wore when she was 16. Regardless of anything there are few tips that can be used in every age and fashion.

You can use these tips and always remain on the top of well-dress women in your surrounding. Try to know your body-type. Your body structure matters a lot actually not only in clothes; it even matters in buying shoes or any other accessory. Anyways when you are clear about your body line, try to go for apparels that hide your minus points and high-light your best part. Like if you are short heighten dont try to go for big prints, you can safely get strips it will give you a more slimmer and tall look. In addition use designers invented different cuts and styles to compliment ones figure which really works. Fabric can also help you in getting the look and feel you want to acquire for a particular dress.

Besides this fact there are few more alternatives you can think of. Dots are never out and so do jeans and t-shirts whether they are branded or not. For spring you can close your eyes and have floral and bright colored prints. Where as in winter (I think for me no season matters with black) you can go for black and tones of blacks, browns, dark blues and burgundy. One main point you dont have to follow the fashion blindly despite of the fact that it suits you or not. You yourself can be a trendsetter by wearing clothes of your own style but which really suits you. In formal dresses too keep the tips in your mind mentioned above you can go for chiffon, silk, jersey, velvet, satin, silk chiffon and the list goes on and on.

Try to go for simply defined cut lines, as gaudy dresses are long out dated plus it also prove pretty expensive. And I am sure you dont want to look like you have come from another planet arriving at a party. For daily uses try to stick to cotton, there are several reasons for this suggestion. First I like it myself, its comfortable, and it lasts long, colors doesnt fade, easy to carry there is no fuss in it and its never out-dated. One more thing, cotton can be used in all seasons. Nowadays we also have other mixed stuffs too that you can think of using as daily wear, like amazing wrinkle free is a blessing for those who are to lazy or busy to press their own clothes.

Color also plays a major role in selection of clothes. Normally our wardrobe is stuffed with our favorite color, which is not the correct approach. Try to go for colors you dont wear, itll give you a fresh look and your friends will also like a different colored dress on you. Additionally youll also get use to have changes on you which is a very healthy attitude towards buying dresses. I would say, doesnt matter what if a dress compliments you and you like it then carry it like a princess because that very dress is your fashion statement.