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Women have always been considered as a fashion statement. And no doubt they do fulfill this criterion. Distinguished fashions and accessories mark different ages. Accessories are small tit bits but they turn out really like a blast if one uses them appropriately. I hope I dont have to give you a long debate on this one everyone is aware of this reality. Fashion changes over the years, decades but there is no time when you dont have any fashion. Even wearing no accessory is also a fashion. Though I honestly dont believe its ever going to happen. There are so many high tycoon celebrities recognized by their specific distinctive accessories. Actually it become like a trademark for them and if you see them without it youll feel something is really missing; accessories remained the key in every fashion era to express your overall sense style.

Bentley was known as a trailblazer who used her clothing to express her personality and power. A museum is made in America to tell countrys history through art, history, and science of textiles. This gave a chance to people to peek a glimpse into both history and fashion. Amazingly the museum staff learned that in upper-class circles in the late 19th century, it was inappropriate to wear sparkling jewels before noon. We all dress-up everyday and everyone knows how they want to project themselves on a particular occasion or in a specific dress, accessories are a foremost way to do that. Not a single outfit is complete without accessories. A touch of earrings, a necklace, few bracelets, a great purse or a colorful scarf, can execute fashionable wonders for an ensemble.  

Accessories also vary from season to season; like on a cold evening for most evening dresses, shawls are a must wear accessory then you can think of the options of ornate leather belts, silk scarves and cashmere pashmina shawls and flashy jewelry. But casual outfits can be jazzed up with chunky neck, wrist, and ear jewelry. There are few among us who have an eye for accessorizing. Its just like tasting cake batter and knowing that some vital ingredient is missing and then knowing the perfect "spice" to create the oomph-factor. Sometimes even a right hat or the right purse can make all the difference. You can play with innumerable combinations that suit you, but always keep a balance in the usage of fashion accessories. Most important fashion tip is not to accessorize more than one area of an outfit. Too many beaded necklaces can crowd an evening dress making it fussy instead of classy. And a jeweled neckline needs no further embellishment. When dressing, find your central focus. It can be your hair, or waist - accessorize that area.

Lots of layers and chunky jewelry are the headlines for 2006 along with big bold strands of beads. Moreover wearing silver, gold or beaded necklaces they should also be layered. Those days are long gone when you wore one chain, now its three at a time but definitely they should not be of the same length. And in dresses you can safely stock your wardrobe this year with bursting confident colors, fabulous floral prints, eccentric beads and lace galore. Allow your outfits to stand out boldly. You can make the choice of accessories easy by determining a wide array of affordable items that can complete any fashion statement. You can find discount designer handbags and purses in leather, suede and nylon - and convenient canvas totes at a fraction of their original price on big sales.

A bright collection of discount designer sunglasses will keep out those harmful UV rays to protect your beautiful eyes as well as give you a more stylish look. Furthermore womens designer wallets offer stylish, durable support for your belongings. Scarves, headbands, anklets, even a single vulnerable flower add flamboyance to any look; diverse styles guarantee the perfect intonation. Small final accessory essentials will spin you accessorize the whole year round. Cosmetic bags, leather gloves, wool caps, suede ponchos and comfy slippers should also be considered for your collection. Then popular collection of brand name fragrances are available in abundance to add a sophisticated air to your fashion statement, it also gives an irresistibly romantic aura to your personality. People will scent your presence long before you arrive. You can enjoy wearing a hat to cover your lovely curly tendrils while breezing down the streets.

There are few hints you can use to get the best accessories for you to bring out the best in you. Accessories if chosen correctly can change an outfit from dreary to fabulous in minutes. On the other hand inaccurate accessories can ruin your look. Try to go for accessories matching your outfit, not an outfit to match your accessories. Accessories should always be in harmony with the weight of your dress. For instance, if you are wearing a skirt or suit in a heavy fabric dont put on sandals. Rings are always in, dont wear too many at one time it will look gaudy. For office, wear only one ring on each hand. Choose the earrings that compliment the shape or bone structure of your face. While wearing glasses or sunglasses always limit the accessories around your face to two. Jewelry should match the style of clothes for instance if you are wearing pearl earrings, they are best worn with a dressy outfit and flashy, ornate earrings are best kept for festive, party events. 

Shoes and anklets are great accessory; one line is enough to explain shoes, that not a dress is complete without an appropriate matched shoe. Now for anklets every girl doesnt wear it. But it adds a very trendy and individualistic look to you. It pampers and adorns your feet. Feet are among the most beautiful parts of a womans body, maybe now in modern age we dont see much emphasize on feet a lot but in old ages it was a craze to try to maintain your feel as beautiful and moon-shaped as possible. Women with small feet were considered noble and aristocratic in ancient China. Anklets are lightweight and fancy decorations for the feet. There are so many with tiny charms that usually include symbols, like cats, hearts, star, and bells -- the variety is everlasting. Multicolored anklets woven from fibers or threads can give a great look with casual sandals or flip-flops. Whereas ankle bracelets made of fine-spun gold and silver make a beautiful tandem with fashion shoes, and look grand for formal events. 

Headbands should give your face an instant lift. All kinds of bands are available thick, thin, with patterns, crystals, and come in every imaginable color. Try to place the band according to the shape of your face so that it can tribute your face in the most effective way. If you find it difficult to place headband on your head then get a band with teeth inside or an elastic one. Flower in hair is a stroke of fashion not done by everyone but I am pretty sure everyone yearns to do that at least once in her lifetime. Besides this the most popular trend is barrettes, clips, and hairpins. Ponytails are always in; go for a hair band that is in contrast to your hair color that will stand out more. Todays latest craze is of cell phones, yes of course everyone has one, and thats why each one of us wants to possess a different kind of it.

This high-fashion statement of cell phones will go a long way. But you can still manage to have your individuality in cells too by adding flashy dangling accessories or by having your own customized ring tones to your cell phone. After that you can also ask the company to decorate your set with crystals, there are companies who make changes on costumers inquiry and by the way there is actually a cell sold by a company which is all platinum and diamonds, But exactly I would say thatll be too expensive. And I am sure you can innovate your mobile in your own way much inexpensively.

All these little things portray whole sketch of your personality to the person you are meeting for the first time. And in the same way you can also get to know a lot of things about a person without uttering a single word by glancing at the choice of his accessories..