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Luggage is a problem, a necessity and a blessing at the same time, wherever you go this is the first thing you do? I mean even if you are planning to have a break form daily routine, boring, hectic office life, the idea of going to a trip on holiday is not complete without the things you are going to carry with you, yes the luggage. The first thing that comes in mind when we plan a holiday is a mesmerizing resort, and the very next thing is, youll be imagining yourself lying down on an easy chair, with a glass of fresh juice in your hand feasting your eyes on a fire stricken sunset on a beach, with silvery gray waves singing unheard enchanting melodies to you, now this is the place where the luggage comes in. Yap! Of course when youll let you imagination loose youll fantasying further that youll be wearing so and so dress and etc: 

Youll be thinking I am right about all the things I just said yet, but what about the part where I mentioned that luggage is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Let me explain, you cannot deny the importance of your belongings especially when you travel. But sometimes it can really prove a nuisance. You dont believe that Ill tell you my personal experience. When I traveled abroad for the first time, I didnt have any idea what to carry and what not? And God I carried everything I could think of and stuffed it in my luggage. I made two handbags and a purse on my shoulder that was as heavy as a handbag itself. In addition I was also carrying 2 gifts in my hand. Now you can imagine how foolish I would have been looking carrying that entire luggage. And trust me I didnt even used half of it during my holidays. So in short the moral of the story is dont take too much pain in taking a lot of luggage while traveling. Yes planning is must. Take as less as things as you can to really enjoy your journey as well as trip.

Choice of carrying luggage varies from passenger to passenger and it depends on the need of the traveler. Such as if you are an amateur and frequent traveler youll prefer cutting down your bags to bare essentials, we normally see such international tourist on airport lounges with a single backpack, God knows what they have in it? Then if you are on a business trip even then youll stick to the basics, but on the other hand if you are traveling with your family and going to meet relatives, then you cant escape the heavy suitcases. In the same way the option of different types of suitcases also vary from person to person. In old days there were trunks made of woods like oak, pine and cedar, these were fashionable and functional. There were even trunks made of animal hides, like deer, horses and even cows. Materials used for such trunks allowed them to last long. Trunks were accented with ornaments, like lock and nails; making them more interesting. Majority of trunks made during this time in history have gone on to become family heirlooms and even collectors items. Though they are still made, the trunks have been replaced with suitcases and totes.

Now we have tons of choices for luggage buying from color to functionality. Some people dont go for expensive suitcases because there point of view is that on an international trip with four stops the luggage itself will be worn out so why to go for an expensive one. There are some of those who only go for brand names as they realize that costly suitcases pay piece of mind in return. Beside quality manufacturers are moving towards more stylish luggage, or at least offering a luggage line that appeals to the fashion oriented consumer, trustworthy brands like Samsonite and Eagle Creek offer hip. You can also expect fashionable pieces from manufacturers such as: Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Ricardo of Beverly Hills. Colors like bright hues of orange, blue, purple and pink in sets or individual, are also becoming popular and commonly seen rolling around airports. New brand names making some hip luggage are Jack Spade, Mandarin Duck and Freitag, are all worth checking out.

Luggage says a lot about you and your personality too. The first-class passengers or the business exectives normally carries the brand names. One thing is for sure doesnt matter how many designs or styles we see, but black is still on the top of the list. Black colored suitcases are liked by most of the travelers. There is a wide selection of backpacks including everything from classic, durable travel bags to high tech sporting equipment. Looking for nylon messenger bags, canvas rucksacks, flight bags, single strap daypacks and sporty internal frame backpacks. Besides this there are branded luggage sets having everything todays traveler could want, quality, durability and functionality. Luggages in 2 - 5 piece sets and a variety of designer looks and durable materials are also available with expandable compartments, quiet in-line skate wheels, push-button locking and telescopic pull handles are just a few of the features found in designer travel collection. Regular traveler will definitely appreciate business and laptop cases, carry-on luggage and duffle and garment bag choices.

Superior pieces such as the polyurethane, lightweight upright offer solid construction, generous pocket space and sleek design. Then you can also find a great selection of travel accessories including cosmetic cases and toiletry bags. Special markdowns and price cuts allow you to save even more money on brand name luggage and travel accessories. There are even vintage and collectible luggage pieces available! Few features of travel luggage include: wheels, zipped inside pockets, water resistance, lock and even extra storage space. In the end I would like to add just 2 tips. First is wheel trolley which most aircrew members use. Get one with the biggest wheels you can. Oil the wheels before you leave, otherwise you will squeal, your trip around the world. Secondly make sure your luggage look different. Even if you only bind the handle with bright tape, make sure your baggage is easy to recognize. It will help you to spot your case as it comes off the carousel.