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Jewelry is not only fashion its culture, its history. Jewelry-there is no escape from it. One has to wear it one-way or the other. Jewelry is almost becoming a necessity currently. You can brighten-up your day or make a new friend with a mere piece of ornament. Jewelry has been getting considerable attention at all times. Jewelry of different eras will tell you the stories of that time due to its design and craftsmanship. You can actually trace history with jewelry. The history of jewelry is as old as mankind itself. With the passage of time the art of jewelry has marvelously evolved to the heights of perfection.

With every passing year jewelry has stood for different symbols and reasons. This symbolism changed from time to time. If we take a look, well find the traces of jewelry before the time of Stone Age when people use to bury dead bodies along with their precious assets including jewelry with them. Then in Stone Age when the humans were not civilized but still they were aware and also felt the need of ornaments, their jewelry was fashioned using their primitive tools out of wood, stones bones, animal teeth, pebbles, feathers, shells and leather. Gold and silver made its first appearance with the ancient Egyptians. They liked gold because of its warm, glowing color and its ease to work on it, being relatively soft and pliable. And I believe since then gold never loses its charm actually the craze of gold is getting wilder with every coming year.

Use of precious stones started in Egyptians time. Especially the jewelry using turquoise and lapis lazuli was very much liked by them. Egyptian were shown wearing bracelets, brooches, headdresses, pendants and rings made of gold, silver and precious gemstones in ancient pictures and sculptures. Ornaments took a primary importance in their lives and thats is why jewelry craftsmanship was developed a lot in this age. Elegance and sophistication was a trademark of old Greeks jewelry. They used several designs but mainly their specialty was gold filigree of wire openwork in the naturalistic shapes of flowers, leaves and animals. Whereas for Romans jewelry was a status symbol, middle Ages also followed the same rule though styles and income levels relatively discouraged wearing of most jewelry. But Brooches were an important part of the wardrobe as they were practical in holding up tunics and cloaks. In this period all social classes commonly wore rings. Rings made of iron, copper, and silver or gold with the metal referring to the wearers social standing.

Renaissance period came with the revival of ornaments, fashion of showing more skin gave ample chance for jewelry to become a trend. Jewelry transformed into art in this era, jewelry was equally used by men and women though mens necklaces was more like chains and women tend to wear more complicated designs with twists and bead work. Pearls came in Elizabethan era, in contrast to Renaissance period delicate one droplet pearl earrings with simple matching pearl choker made its appearance in England. Georgians Jewelry was entirely handmade and therefore quite individualistic. Both men and women wore heavy, richly jeweled chains, rings, shoe buckles, and hair ornaments, buttons and brooches. Clothes with gemstones sewn on them were a pretentious flaunt of wealth. Jewelry settings were designed to exhibit the color and sparkle of gemstones, predominantly diamonds. The principal theme of the period was stimulated by nature, including flowers, leafs, insects, birds and feathers.

Art of jewelry making was further refined in Victorian period in Europe, and exquisite lockets and cameos were made. They started stamping out Standard Jewelry to be duplicated, this feature brought quality jewelry to the middle-class as well. Platinum came on the scene in 20th century. Long dangling earrings, long strands of pearls or beads, diamond watches cocktail rings, and multiple bracelets on both upper and lower arms was the gift of 20th century. Platinum and precious stones, particularly diamonds were also in. From 1940s flamboyant curves and bows in large pieces of jewelry became identified as Retro Modern. Yellow gold again regained distinction these years, Semi-precious stones and man-made rubies and sapphires became more popular. Cocktail rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces were enormous.

Todays clients would consider that style quite extravagant and flashy. Early 1990s gave a comeback to platinum and novel pieces like the tennis bracelet and the diamond solitaire pendant made their way this time. Men leaned to wear bracelets, necklaces and even earrings more when the Twentieth century drew towards its end. But now jewelry is fairly used by both sexes. From bracelets and toe rings, to necklaces and tongue studs, jewelry continues to be a popular titivation for the human race and most body parts have been pierced to allow for the wearing of such. Watches also have been an important part of jewelry, as jewelry improved on the whole watches also got better and better and today we have a long list of watches having different designs and functions. Analog, digital, LCD, LED, quartz (which is one of the most famous nowadays), mechanical, jewel, diving watches, all are used according to ones liking. Just like any other jewelry piece in watches too there are several brands you can go for. Watches are not mere necessity anymore they are much more than this.

Todays jewelry is the mirror of wearers soul and personality.  Jewelry is the license to stamp your own individuality. Jewelry says a lot more then you can think. It actually talks. You can experience it, if you are going to a new place where anyone hardly knows you then wear an eye catchy piece and people will definitely drew near you to ask you about it. Trust me sometimes an ornament can actually compel someone to talk to you. Youll be thinking this is sheer exaggeration. No, Jewelry affix beauty to your charm, in fact it adds to your body language. It reflects the definitive style and persona of the person wearing it. Zany and colorful wearable art works best, it shows you have a wanton spirit, are playful, light-hearted, and spontaneous. Try experiencing the wonders of jewelry do in your life, make it a point not to leave your home without a piece of jewelry as it is worth it.